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Are patients and carers at the heart of everything we do?

Home Enteral Nutrition Team – time maximisation project

Developing a role within the Home Enteral Nutrition Team

Increasing wellbeing of dietitians by redesigning a clinic structure

Clinical evaluation of skin protection products reveals cost saving

Group sessions for patients with cows milk allergy

Virtual appointments in Adult Speech and Language Therapy

Adult Speech and Language Therapy 15 seconds 30 minute missions

Welcoming new starters

Life QI

Life QI is a platform we use where our colleagues log their quality improvement projects.

Life QI is a global web platform used by many healthcare trusts and other organisations. It is a virtual place where tools, people and date come together to make improvement happen.

If you are a Kent Community Health Health NHS Foundation Trust colleague please make sure you log your quality improvement (QI) project on this platform. You will be able to record your aim, build a driver diagram, state your measures, invite others to join your project team and lots more.

To help you with Life QI please see our quick and easy guide.