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Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

Welcome to our quality improvement (QI) website

Information here is for our colleagues, our partner organisations, service users and patients who are interested in learning more about QI, want to know how they can get involved, or need support on their QI journey.

QI is about looking at what we are doing, seeing if we could do it better and bringing everyone together to redesign the way care is provided. It is about making change happen.

Find out more about QI projects across the trust and how you can get involved…

Our projects

See what's going on and where the projects are.


Interested in some improvement tools?

Illustrated introduction

The booklet explains some of the concepts of improvement work.

Training courses

We run two quality improvement training courses.


Want to know more about QI? Would you like to know why it is one of our priorities and why we would like you to get involved? Find out more by reading our frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Our Quality Strategy

Our Quality Strategy 2021 to 2025 explains how we are delivering our quadruple aim of enhancing patient experience, improving population health, improving staff experience at work and reducing costs by increasing value for money and efficiency.

Our Innovation Strategy

Innovation is something fundamentally new and different from what we've experienced before. This strategy aims to transform KCHFT's innovation culture.