Get involved

Could you help us to look at what we do and see how we could do it better?

We are inviting patients, those who use our services, their families, carers and others to join us, to have their say and help us improve.

We need your voice on our quality improvement (QI) project teams, as what you have to say is very important to us. These teams are looking at specific parts of Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT) to see where there might be problems, how we can overcome these and what we can do to make our services better. We also have project teams working to make improvements for our colleagues.

We would only need you for a short amount of time. You could help us virtually or in person (once current COVID-19 restrictions are lifted), simply by attending regular project team meetings, or by letting us know your views after, if that is easier for you. Meetings might be held monthly, or quarterly and would only take an hour or two of your time. We would ask you to join in with the informal discussions.

QI projects where we have asked for your input previously, have included looking at how we deliver heart health education – and helping us to put a leaflet together for the relatives and carers of people with dementia.

We need your views on everything from podiatry to health visiting. Your views and experience of our services is important to make sure we get things right and we want to put you at the heart of all we do.

Get in touch and tell us if you have used our services, what your interests and skills are – and we can match you to a project. You can also do our QI training if you would like to – which would give you the skills and know how to start a project of your own, if this is something you would like to do.

  • Find out more about how we are involving patients and those who use our services, in east Kent.
  • See the how to get involved page on the KCHFT website to find out more about the KCHFT People's Network and the trust's Patient and Carers' Council.
  • Alternatively, watch our short film, where those who use our services explain how and why they have got involved and how they are helping us to do things better. Watch the participation film below.

To get involved

Contact our Patient and Carer Partnership Team:

01233 667810

Find out more about getting involved in our leaflet:

Read more about QI here on our dedicated QI website.

Involving patients in all we do

Information for project leads

It is important we involve those who use our services, their families and their carers, in all we do.

If you are running a project please see our leaflet for information on who you need to involve, how you go about this, who can help and why this is necessary.

Help is also available to project teams who want to carry out patient experience and service user surveys.

Here at the trust we have a team of volunteers who can support your service by completing surveys with your patients over the phone, confidentially and securely.

To request a volunteer, please log a call for the Patient and Carer Partnership Team on Topdesk or use our intranet to contact Maria Swaby for more details.