What to do if you have a quality improvement idea.

If you are a Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust colleague – and you have a quality improvement idea – the chart below shows what you need to do.

Innovation projects

If you are a Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust colleague and you have an innovation project please contact the trust’s QI team.

An innovation project is something which is completely new, original and hasn’t been done before. Innovation projects are usually a new product, for instance, a medical device, diagnostics, software or a training project. Intellection Property Rights can be used to protect the product.

QI projects are primarily service improvement projects which may or may not use an existing product. A QI project may or may not be replicable in other health care organisations.

Both QI projects and innovations benefit patients directly or indirectly. The patient benefit can include cost reduction, cost avoidance, service improvement, quality improvement, safety improvement or revenue generation. The main differences between a QI project and an innovation are whether it is a product or not and whether it is applicable elsewhere.

Contact the QI team by emailing:

Our colleagues will also find further information about innovation on the trust’s intranet, simply search Innovation.

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15 seconds 30 minutes

15s30m is about what you could do in 15 seconds now in order to save someone else 30 minutes later.

It aims to reduce frustration and increase joy in work, which in turn can help colleagues do their best to deliver safe and effective patient care.

Anyone can come up with and launch a 15s30m idea or mission.

It could be as simple as pledging to always leave an area tidy after use. Another mission might be to never leaving a folder or drawer of forms empty and adding a laminated reminder.

Here Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT) colleagues share some of their ideas: