Waiting list reduced thanks to blitz clinic

Flash of brilliance MSK blitz clinic

Thanks to a flash of brilliance in the physiotherapy team at Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT), a patient waiting list has been reduced by two weeks.

To deal with a backlog of patients which had grown during the COVID-19 pandemic, a blitz clinic was held, with the aim of seeing 110 new patients in one day. Patients who had been waiting were contacted and this resulted in 107 being taken off the list, as they no longer needed an appointment. The team booked in 72 patients and there was a do not attend rate of 9 per cent. The result was that patient waiting times were reduced by two weeks.

The blitz clinic was the idea of Hilary Birrell, strategic lead for Integrated Musculoskeletal Services and Vicki Bartholomew, head of service. It was held at The Churchill Centre in Aylesford.

The MSK Physiotherapy Flash of Brilliance poster