Small changes can make a big difference

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Take 15 seconds now to do something which could save someone else 30 minutes later – and let us know all about it.

It could be as simple as making sure you include your mobile number in your email signature and urging the rest of your team to do the same. It might be having an office agreement that the photocopier is never left empty of paper. It doesn’t need a big project plan to identify it and change it.

15 seconds 30 minutes (15s30m) aims to reduce frustration and increase joy in work, which in turn can help colleagues do their best to deliver safe and effective patient care.

Anyone can come up with a 15s30m idea or mission.

Natalie Parkinson, Assistant Director Business Development and Service Improvement at Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT), said: “Many of our colleagues have no doubt introduced something during the COVID-19 pandemic, something small which has had a big impact. If so, please do tell us about it so that we can share it.

“Little things can make a big difference. Rather than just putting an out of office on, if everyone added who to contact in their absence, with a phone number and email, this would really help colleagues and save them time.

“It would be nice to know some of the small tweaks people have made so we can celebrate and share.”

Sarah Donovan, KCHFT’s Head of  Service Improvement, added: “It’s helpful when organisers of meetings send all papers embedded into calendar invites, this is another time saver, or if information is needed for an internal meeting the invite could include hyperlinks to it. This makes things easier.

“It doesn’t have to be a big project, a 15s30m mission can be something small. If you have done something like this or have an idea, please do drop us a line.”

A 15s30m mission could be pledging to always leave an area tidy after use. Another might be never leaving a folder or drawer of forms empty and adding a laminated reminder.

We would love to hear about small changes you have made which have made a difference. We have 15s30min badges to give to the first 15 KCHFT colleagues who let us know about their missions. Please send these to the quality improvement (QI) team by emailing:

Visit the 15s30m website to find out more.