Shortlisted three times in national awards

Academy of Fab NHS Awards image

Improving a bladder diary for patients, setting up virtual wards and sharing our quality improvement (QI) projects, has resulted in Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust winning a hat trick.

We have been shortlisted three times in the Academy of Fab NHS Stuff Awards for our QI work, with winners to be announced in December.

Sarah Denton, Wendy Orr, Melanie Oram, Kim Rowe and Rebecca Crew worked on improving the bladder diary. They are shortlisted in the Four Candles category which recognises projects which have listened to and acted on feedback.

Mary Stracey and Alex Baxter entered their work on virtual wards, showing how these have been created and expanded in east Kent, to provide acute level care at home. The pair described how something which had started during the pandemic has since been embedded as business as usual. They are shortlisted in the Hartley Larkin Award category, which recognises initiatives which “do what needs to be done”.

The national awards also have a QI Team Award and shortlisted are Sarah Donovan, Robyn Shelmerdine, Jo Healey, Gillian Orman, Jane Barlow, Janet Edwards and Aimee Palmer. This award recognises “the QI team that despite the challenges and pressures of work, continues to empower and support colleagues to make positive changes to services, patients and staff.” The team has been shortlisted for sharing its projects on a page, flashes of brilliance and case studies nationwide.

See the shortlist, the bladder diary project and the virtual wards award entry.