Improving communications

Jane Barlow

Networking and sharing stories of success were central to two quality improvement (QI) projects which focused on communications.

One project aimed to increase visits to the Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT) QI website and the other looked at raising the profile of KCHFT QI work, via Twitter.

Both were one year projects, led by the trust’s QI Media and Communications Officer Jane Barlow.

The KCHFT dedicated QI website was launched in July 2019. Previously the trust had a QI page on its main website. The dedicated website brings together QI stories, projects, tools and training all into one place. The site has been continually tweaked as a result of feedback from colleagues from KCHFT and other healthcare trusts, who regularly use the resource.

QI tools used included a driver diagram, which helped to set out an action plan to increase the number of visitors and page visits. Run charts and statistical process control (SPC) charts were used to record and measure improvement.

The Twitter project aimed to increase the number of followers on Twitter, by 100 per cent, over 12 months, along with increasing levels of engagement with posts.

Both of the project SMART aims were achieved.

Jane said: “During the Twitter project we tested posts at different times of the day, to see which had the most comments, likes and retweets.

“We found that linking up with super users, those with many followers, helped to raise our profile and the amount of people we reach.  Taking part in tweet chats has helped us make new connections and to learn how other trusts do things, such as training.”

As a result of networking on Twitter, Jane set up a nationwide QI communications group, which now meets once a month. There are around 25 members from trusts around the UK. The group gets together to discuss best practice and new ideas.

Jane put both projects on Life QI, a portal where all of the trust’s QI projects should be logged and completed a project on a page for each.

Please take a look at the QI website project on a page and the Twitter project on a page