Flashes of brilliance

For your quick wins and smaller improvements, please use this A3 template to tell the story. Share your success and be proud of the improvements you make. Help and inspire others too.

Start filling this in when you first begin your work, or make a start on your idea. Using the template from the beginning will allow you to summarise your progress, show what QI tools you have used and see what your data is telling you at different points. It will also help you to document what the next steps are.

The KCHFT QI advisors can support you with this and provide guidance on how to use the template at the end of your project, to celebrate your work, or flash of brilliance. The page can then be easily shared with your team and colleagues across the trust.  It can also be published on our QI website, on our Projects page. Once the template is complete, please send  it to the KCHFT QI team.

Download our template