East Kent Rapid Response Service launches data capture trial

A trial has just begun within the Rapid Response Service in east Kent to capture information in a more efficient and thorough way, for the benefit of both patients and colleagues.

The trial sees a new data capture tool being used, from the beginning of December (2019), developed by Clinical Lead Owen Leach. It captures information from digital whiteboards already being used in the east of the county and details how many patients are being treated, how many visits they need, staff time needed with each patient, if a patient requires more than one member of staff and lots more.

From this information, collected daily, it is then easy to see capacity and demand, as well as trends, ensuring resources are put in the right place at the right time. The tool will capture where a patient’s referral has come from, so the service can easily see where the bulk of its work comes from – as well as collecting information about declined referrals, why they were declined and following treatment, where a patient has been discharged to.

The tool came about thanks to a Quality Improvement (QI) project. Find out more here on our projects and case studies page.