Allergy group features in an international journal

Front cover of the Journal of Clinical Nursing

A virtual group which helps new parents who have feeding worries has been featured in the Journal of Community Nursing.

The journal asked highly specialist paediatric dietitian Elaine Greenman from Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust to write the two-page article about the cow’s milk allergy group.

The article includes the story of a Maidstone family who have been helped and a photo of trust dietitians.

The journal and the online article are only available to subscribers. Visit the JCN website to find out more. The Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) is an international, peer reviewed, scientific journal that seeks to promote the development and exchange of knowledge that is directly relevant to all spheres of nursing practice.

The virtual cow’s milk allergy group was set up as part of a quality improvement (QI) project. Elaine and her colleagues wanted to reduce waiting times and found that holding group sessions online helped. Find out more